COMPREHENSIVE  LEARNING  CENTRE - 'Where Innovative Learning Experiences Produce Success'
About Us

Our Ambition: To Develop into A State-Of-The-Art Educational & Life-Changing Facility

What We Do at the CLC?
  • Provide  quality opportunities for success in overseas and locally based examination courses 
  • Provide short term self development programmes
  • Provide summer programmes for the elderly
  • Provide summer programmes for children
  • Build the self esteem and confidence of the speech and hearing impaired    
  • through the provision of educational opportunities
  • Provide consultancy services
  • Assist with job placement
  • Provide scholarships for the less fortunate
  • Incorporate the importance of values and ethical standards in subject matter
  • Provide opportunities for the development of the whole person
  • Give new hope to the illiterate
  • Redirect at risk youth to the path of success through mentoring programmes
  • Help parents to help themselves and their children
  • Counsel parents and children
  • Teach with sensitivity, love and compassion
  • Give of our time and our talent

Monday - Friday: 4.00PM to 10PM
Saturday: 10:00AM to 3:00PM
Sunday: Closed

Oleander Drive
North Hill

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