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The Comprehensive Learning Centre, a forward-thinking, non-profit, private educational institution, is located on Anguilla, a pristine north-eastern Caribbean island. 

In keeping with its mission, the Comprehensive Learning Centre is committed to providing quality learning experiences which will enhance the educational, social and economic needs of the learner and, ultimately, the Community of Anguilla. 

Our curriculum skillfully weaves artistic and practical disciplines into everyday academics. Students learn to think creatively, and to work both independently and cooperatively.

Our vision is to provide a stimulating learning environment where education in Anguilla is affordable and where students of all abilities and background are well equipped to adapt to the challenges of education, work and life. 

Therefore, we celebrate with all students who endeavour to continue their academic aspirations and provide encouragement to those who grasp the opportunity for a 'second chance' at learning.   

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Accomplishing Our Mission As We

Visualise the Future

Inspired to create affordable and quality learning experiences for anyone and everyone who wants to enrich the prospects of increasing their knowledge and skills, the Comprehensive Learning Centre was established in January 2002. Two decades later, the management and lecturers are elated that the VISION of the CLC has inspired and motivated so many patrons in our Anguillian community to participate in the fulfillment of its MISSION.

The Comprehensive Learning Centre’s key to success is threefold:​​



Management fully supports and  encourages teachers and provides an environment conducive to teaching and learning which prepares students for success in life and the workforce of the future.



Management strongly believes that great care must be taken in selecting and retaining the most highly skilled teachers who are passionate about the overall success of their students. Therefore, teachers hold a highly respected place at the CLC.


The Community

Blessed with a supportive community, who knows that the CLC's track record demonstrates that it enhances the educational, social, moral, and economic needs of each learner, through the delivery of its programmes.

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